The following page is dedicated solely to homes for sale or recently sold in Trilogy.  Rather than send out a monthly flyer, we have chosen to have this information available to you immediately and up to date.  Visit this site to see what is going on in your neighborhood.

We are seeing a definite slowdown in buyers and softening in pricing but don’t expect a large drop in value.  Homes that are very well presented, staged, marketed and represented well still sell for the most amount of money.  Last year, one could simply put a sign in the ground and a home would sell.  Now, it takes a skilled and experienced partner in your corner.

As our 4Q market dynamic shifts and in to next year, timing and excellent representation become even more critical in the selling of your home.

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Below find all active listings in Trilogy and all sold properties for the last 3 months.  This page will update immediately when a home is listed or sold.  Fell free to come back anytime you are interested in what your neighbors home is doing with that "sign in their yard".  Or....

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I have lived and worked on the eastside my entire life.  I have over 15 years experience in real estate and know how to help people maximize their return on investment in all markets, especially changing ones.

With my high tech marketing background, I utilize the absolute highest quality marketing ensuring your home receives the highest return possible for you.  Utilizing the latest in HDR photography, floor plan tours, virtual 3D models putting you IN the home, drone aerial photography, highest grade flyers and print material.

I have focused on 4 things in my real estate career:

  • Marketing - Making your home stand out from the competition
  • Sales – Qualifying and converting potential buyers
  • Contracting – Protecting your legal interests
  • Negotiating – Maximizing your bottom line

Experience, proven track record & the skills best positioned to help you sell your home.